MotionInput is a UCL open source project, to enable webcam-based gesture recognition as a layer for touchless DirectX inputs. It will enable a seamless experience of touchless-computer interactions by using RGB webcam input – for existing windows applications and games that use DirectX.

Version 2.0 authors
Åshild Kummen
Chenuka Ratwatte
Robert Shaw
Ali Hassan
Qianying Lu
Yang Zou
Guanlin Li
Teodora Ganeva

Version 1.0 authors
Emil Almazov
Lu Han
Supervisors Team
Dr Dean Mohamedally
Dr Graham Roberts
Sheena Visram
Prof Neil Sebire
Prof Joseph Connor
Lee Stott (Microsoft)
Prof Yvonne Rogers

 Libraries used and their licenses:

Mediapipe (license)
dlib (license)
openVino (license)
pynput (license)
pyautogui (license)

pydirectinput (license)
Pywin32 api (license)
OpenCV-python (license)
numpy (license)

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